Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Irregular Notions by Bill Troy

Just a thought...

August 22, 2006 by Bill Troy

Ahh yes….football season is upon us once again, and the kicking controversy continues! It’s true that Jason Elam kicked his 63 yard “wind-aided” field goal in the thin, thin air of Mile High stadium. SHOULD IT COUNT?

What about Tom Dempsey kicking his 63 yard miracle kick on the very last play of the game? To win it no less! All this while the opposing players were exiting the field!! Sure, I know what you're thinking.....it was very fortuitous that Mr. Dempsey is handicapped, thus requiring him to wear a "special shoe" that had wood in it allowing him to placekick. Is that cheating? It’s now clear that Mr. Dempsey’s custom-made shoe was heavier then a normal sneaker. It's was also advantageously squared off making it a perfectly flat and flush surface, thus making it easier for contact on the ball..... SHOULD IT COUNT?
If these two kicks count, then why doesn’t the NFL recognize the longest field goal ever kicked in a regulation NFL football game? That’s right! The longest kick ever in the NFL was kicked only a year ago by Ola Kimrin of the Denver Broncos.
“The kick”, and Kimrin sent shockwaves around the NFL when he boomed a 65-yard field goal to help the Denver Broncos defeat the Seattle Seahawks. His kick was a strong 2 yards further then Dempsey’s and Elam’s 63 yard field goals. Coach Shanahan, as an onlooker said: “that kick would have cleared 70 yards easily”. Why then, doesn’t anyone remember this amazing kick, or the kicker that kicked it? Is it because Kimrin is a Swedish kicker from the Frankfurt Galaxy of the NFL Europe league? NO. Is it because he kicked his field goal in another country while playing in an exhibition game? NO. Then why?
It was a pre-season football game......SHOULD IT COUNT?
Many people feel that both Dempsey’s and Elam’s kicks should have asterisks next to them because of the circumstance in which they were made. If that’s the case, shouldn’t Ola Kimrin have a special place in NFL lore?
If you agree that Dempsey’s and Elam’s kicks should bare an asterisks next to there name, then who is the NFL’s record holder for the longest field goal, and how long was it?
It is a tie between: Steve Cox of the Cleveland Browns and Morten Andersen of the New Orleans Saints
The distance: 60 yards
The longest American Football field goal ever with no tee, no fancy kicking shoe, and no thin air was 67 yards by three players: Russell Cowsert, Rusty Curry and Lonny Calicchio.
The “Kicker” of this, these players were in a high school game when they kicked it!
The longest field goal ever in a football game is a tie between: David McNamara of the St. Kilda Saints in the Australian Football League, and Bill Xanax of the Yoshinowa Beef Bowls of the Japanese Football Association. The distance? 86 yards!
Because the Australian and Japanese footballs are a little different in size then that of American Footballs…….Three Words………….SHOULD IT COUNT?